Business Education

Business programs at UNE focus on innovation, internships, data, and connections.

Business Beyond the Cubicle

Today, a career in business can take you far beyond the cubicle, and UNE’s extensive network of business partnerships across the region — and, increasingly, across the globe — ensures you’ll be plugged in, getting real-world experience and making real-world connections. Business drives every aspect of our society, and, accordingly, our business programs touch virtually every area of the University: from building a sustainable “green” economy to the responsible utilization of ocean resources (or those of the newly opened Arctic Circle), to the entrepreneurial spirit that powers life-changing innovations, to the skyrocketing importance of data in fields like health, to special focus areas like sports management, to concentrations that you design based on your own passions and the identification of emerging markets and opportunities. 

Moustafa Abu El Fadl
"We see students who want to create or innovate a project, we give them the tools and help them, and then we show them the application and market for it. When someone says, 'I have a bachelor’s degree in Business from UNE,' you have all that you need to compete for jobs." Moustafa Abu El Fadl, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Finance and Innovation
Natalie Ippolito
"The professors tailor their classes to the students and what the students want to learn. I think that is the coolest part. Rather than just following a set curriculum, they'll see what the students are interested in and try to engage us more." Natalie Ippolito '20, Business Administration

A World Driven by Data 

As the amount of data unleashed in the world continues to expand exponentially, those who know how to mine, read, and model data are among the world’s most in-demand professionals. Our data science program puts you at the crossroads where computer science, applied mathematics, and business all meet, and you’ll learn cross-disciplinary skills that propel you to the forefront of virtually any field. 

Three U N E students sit at a table with lap top computers

It's all about Experience

At UNE, the emphasis is on active, experiential learning, from select internships with our network of well-known regional, national, and global business partners to hands-on concept development in our award-winning Makerspace, where you can develop your ideas under the guidance of experts. 

Two U N E students at their internship site, Maine Health
Two U N E students at their internship site, L.L. Bean
A U N E student at his internship site, Unum

Ready for Business

Meet Pat Schena, a business major who designed a helmet-camera and proprietary computer interface in UNE’s P.D. Merrill Makerspace.

Bring Your Innovative Ideas to Life

UNE’s Office of Innovation empowers you to use design thinking while developing solutions to real-world problems. The headquarters for our Innovation programs is the P.D. Merrill Makerspace, a fully-equipped laboratory for turning ideas into reality. You don’t need to be a technology buff or a business major to contribute. In fact, makerspace projects are stronger when the people who contribute come from a wide range of academic disciplines and have different interests. There are lots of ways to get involved — from fellowships to independent passion projects. For example, every year the Office of Innovation sponsors the Maine Ideas Challenge to showcase innovative projects, and past winners have appeared on — and won — MPBN’s Greenlight Maine.

Tracking Ocean Conditions

Using Drones in Research

Monitoring Coral Health